DSJ at The Gravel Cup (pic @ Allain Villeneuve)

A little bit about Derrick St John…

Have you ever met someone that enjoys turning themselves inside out on the bike. Well, Derrick certainly knows how to do that. Sometimes were not sure if he’s smiling or pulling faces, but he just seems to enjoy laying it out there. No matter if it’s a road bike, a fat bike or the cx rig, this guy just likes to hurt.

“We started this team 4 years ago. I had an extra cx bike and I thought, why don’t I lend it to a junior and I kind of show him the ropes and he gets to do cross…it’s crazy how much it’s progressed . We try to provide them with great equipment, share our experience at the race, do some laps together, set up a tent and little compound. WE do technical practice once a week, where we have a little theory part, where we talk about tactics, mental fortitude and things to consider. It’s so fun to do technical practice with the kids, they always want to jump over stuff and do wheelies on their cx bikes. It’s funny sometimes it’s hard to see who’s having more fun. It’s defiantly kept this real fun and I look forward to being able to grow the team a bit more each year and hopefully we can raise the bar to be able to recruit some junior girls to the program for Natasha this year.”